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At-home insemination kits for humans, which is also known as self-insemination, is a technique where sperm is deposited into the vagina or cervix for the purpose of fertilizing an egg. This process can be performed without the assistance of a medical professional and can involve the use of sperm from a known donor, frozen sperm from a sperm bank, or even your partner's sperm.

Cervix sperm cup or conception cup to increase chances of conceiving showing box and cervix sperm with a pink background

Cervix Sperm Cup

Our Cervix Sperm cup can be used after intercourse or insemination to optimize the chances of conception. The cup is inserted into the vagina and positioned near the cervix to collect and hold sperm, providing a safe and secure environment for the sperm to travel towards the egg. Using the Sperm Cervix Cup can increase the amount of sperm that reach the fallopian tubes, increasing the likelihood of fertilization.


Meet Lola

Lola's conception journey began with at-home insemination. Her mother, a single parent, opted for donor sperm after numerous attempts. The joy was overwhelming when she finally witnessed that incredible pink line on her test. Lola was conceived using the At home IUI ICI Insemination kit during this cycle, with the aid of a At Home Insemination Starter Kit.

We supply our Artificial Insemination equipment to Australia, the US, the UK, Canada, and many other countries.

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