Glenna James A Holistic Health Practitioner

Glenna James A Holistic Health Practitioner

Glenna is a holistic health practitioner and fertility/pregnancy coach. Glenna works with women to help them understand their own cycles and learn about their bodies. Glenna also holds multiple certifications, including acupressure, feng shui, and holistic nutrition, as well as many others.

Glenna holds a Master’s of Science degree in Complementary and Integrative Health from National University and is also a clinical herbalist. Glenna self-published and authored her own book called The Energies Of Herbs. Passionate about women’s health, fertility, herbs, and wellness, Glenna is based in the USA but helps clients all over the world. Glenna helps her clients in many ways through her services like Holistic Health Care where she uses many different holistic health techniques and relies on her extensive knowledge of holistic wellness and clinical herbs to guide them towards a healthier, happier life.

Glenna has a Fertility Awareness Program for any woman who wants to understand her hormones and her cycle as a form of birth control or to achieve pregnancy. Glenna has a few other programs coming soon. Clients can schedule a free Clarity Call to see how Glenna can help them.

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